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    Where PR-led marketing is driving the future success of B2B technology brands.

  • If you’re striving to enhance your reputation, grow market share or drive investment, we’re your tribe.

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  • Connection

    Dive into an ocean of industry experience and insights. Our history isn’t just about time – it’s about unparalleled depth, giving you access to best-in-class marketing practices.

  • Communication

    In a world buzzing with noise, we help you strike a clear, distinct note. Stand out, make your mark, and give your audience a compelling reason to believe in your vision.

  • Growth

    It’s not just about size, but influence. With CCGroup, you’re not only expanding; you’re cementing your position, magnifying your voice, and growing your sphere of impact in the tech landscape.

About us

With over three decades of building brands within key technology sectors, our industry experience is unparalleled across mobile & telecoms, enterprise technology, fintech, cybersecurity, and deep tech. We’ve been there at the evolution of these sectors – and told their stories.

CCGroup is a PR-led marketing agency helping brands to ‘break through’ and distinguish themselves in ultra-competitive B2B technology markets. We support our clients to grow their influence and market share, overcome capacity, knowledge and expertise limitations and demonstrate marketing impact. Our integrated, channel-agnostic, audience-centric approach is tailored to address our clients’ most pressing challenges.

Our journey has equipped us with invaluable foresight to predict future trends, insight to understand the present landscape, and hindsight to learn from past successes and challenges, ensuring our clients benefit from strategies proven to drive results.

But at CCGroup we’re always people-first, tech-second. After all, in a world dominated by code and algorithms, it’s refreshing to engage with a brand that feels human.

Our PR heritage is our legacy. It allows us to form authentic connections with a diverse range of audiences – from curious analysts and savvy investors to loyal customers and the discerning media. Our global reach ensures that your story resonates, far and wide.

Our approach, rooted in decades of experience, ensures that every idea is creative, structured, and effective. From benchmarking and branding to influencer marketing and content creation, we’ve meticulously crafted our suite of marketing, PR and analyst relations services to cater to every requirement.

At our core we’re a diverse collective of fresh thinkers who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo. Our team is bursting with curiosity, passion, and a drive to make a difference. We believe in fostering genuine relationships and, above all, building long-term and trusted partnerships.

Looking for a team committed to helping tech companies to positively impact our world, and with the passion to ensure that you Connect, Communicate, and Grow?