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2021 PRWeek Top 150: We’d rank 82nd but it does help if you enter!

Yesterday, the 2021 PRWeek Top 150 was announced. There I was getting all excited about how we’ll rank against other leading UK PR agencies, scrolling through the list, I realised we weren’t included. Why? Plain, old-fashioned human error. We had all our numbers ready, triple-checked but it seems we didn’t hit ‘submit’. Annoying, but these things happen.

The list is a really important benchmark for the industry. It includes a number of key performance metrics that employees, clients, prospects and partners are interested in. So, for a consultancy that prides itself on transparency, I felt like I needed to explain why we weren’t listed and then provide the details that would have been included.

2020 was a tough year for many companies, including PR agencies. And we took our fair share of Covid-19 related bruises early in the year 2020. However, we’re incredibly proud of how we came together and rallied, closing out 2020 with a series of massive wins which have continued into 2021.

We finished 2020 on revenues of a little over £3.3m which would have seen us ranked 82nd in the PRWeek Top 150 table, with 28 UK based staff.

Of course, these lists are just a moment in time. Today our numbers look even better, having bounced back from Covid-19 in 11 months we’re exceeding our fee levels from our last financial year and our ranks have swelled to 34 staff and we expect to pass 40 by the summer.

So, there you have it. We messed up, but hopefully this goes some way to setting it right and demonstrating our transparency. You can bet we’ll be making sure we hit ‘submit’ in 2021!

Written by Richard Fogg


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