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An introduction into how PR & Digital Marketing work together: Content Performance

In today’s crowded B2B marketplace, making an impact is getting harder by the day. Our data shows that 37% of enterprise technology buyers believe that brand is one of the main factors when choosing enterprise technology solutions, with 13% arguing it is the only thing that is taken into consideration – yet many companies are still only scratching the surface of how to stand out. If you rely on the same old tactics, you will blend right into the background clutter.

To break through today, you need a fully integrated approach that leverages every aspect of your brand identity.  The era of relying on a singular approach is over; adaptability and innovation are the new imperatives for success.

Joining forces, PR and digital marketing is a powerful combo that should be the standard. While they take different angles, their overarching aims are aligned – promote the brand, showcase expertise, and move leads down the funnel. When they sync up their superpowers rather than working solo, the results are magnified.

Nowhere is this more evident than in content development. Together, they ensure messaging stays cohesive across channels to boost awareness. But perhaps more importantly, they enable content to fulfil its true purpose: fuel leads and sales. As the creative storytellers, PR excels at crafting compelling narratives spotlighting thought leaders. With marketing amplifying these stories, entirely new audiences can be reached while search visibility increases.

It’s clear that in today’s complex B2B ecosystem, siloed strategies are no longer work as effectively as they used to. An integrated PR-digital marketing model proves mightier than the sum of its parts, empowering brands to cut through the clutter and come out on top.

Content amplification

Earned media coverage can be a great tool to raise brand awareness and engage new customers. But when amplified across other digital channels, that content can also be used to help communicate to a brands’ existing customer base to re-enforce trust and help retain business.  Some easy examples of doing this include:

  • Sharing content on owned social channels to spark engagement and discussion with current followers. Repurposing interviews or bylined articles allows customers to get to know the brand’s experts on a more personal level
  • Repurpose content for blogs to have consistent and up to date messaging
  • Shared via email newsletters, convert cold outreach recipients into active listeners
  • Used as reference in marketing materials. News not only piques media interest but can also be used to fuel sales conversations

This kind of cross-functional collaboration ensures that each asset is tailored and syndicated broadly to reach the right audience and maximise on touchpoints to create qualified leads.

Consistency in key words

Earned media goes beyond just visibility, if done correctly it can directly support SEO efforts. By working with digital marketers, PR teams can collaborate to best understand, what keywords the brand is competing for, what searches are driving traffic to its own website, and that of its competitors.

By working alone, PR may generate strong coverage but by integrating digital marketing into content creation, PR teams can have a better understanding of what content performs well and what coverage will create a better impact on the brands digital footprint. They can do this by:

  • Making sure content has link backs where possible
  • Relevant keywords to improve ranking
  • Track performance to see what works and what doesn’t

Working together regularly, PR and marketing teams can develop truly impactful thought leadership that raises brand awareness and makes a positive difference. When these groups partner instead of working separately in silos, they see better results – crafting a unified message with consistency that strengthens a brand’s online presence. Collaborating across teams unleashes more creative potential to move audiences and build meaningful connections with the shared goal of positioning the brand as an industry leader through insightful discussions.

Written by Amber Ellis

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