Apple Event: A milestone or just another product launch?

So, it finally happened yesterday evening (UK time) – the event that was positioned as marking a milestone in Apple’s history and much anticipated by CCgroup’s Mobile and Telecoms team.

What we saw from an iPhone perspective, was the launch of the iPhone 8 & 8 Plus at a much lower starting price ($699) than expected. But no sign of an iPhone 7S or 7S Plus, and the number 9 was just skipped over. And a fleeting mention of iOS11.

The big reveal, was the iPhone X (pronounced ten for the 10th anniversary), which came with a hefty $999 price tag. The initial thoughts from the industry were – no new features that haven’t been seen on another device, aside from the Animoji! It’s nice looking, but don’t know anyone who will be rushing out to buy it (a full recap can be read here on The Inquirer).

For me, the most exciting announcement was the next generation Apple Watch (Series 3) – now with added cellular. With prices at $399 (UK pricing tbc) and available on September 22 in the UK from EE, it just has that touch of James Bond about it. The display acts as an antenna to transmit and receive data; there’s an electronic SIM; it has Siri that can speak out loud to you; and the mobile number is the same as your iPhone!

And second to that, the opening of the Steve Jobs Theater. I saw more photos on Instagram of the ultra-cool rotating lifts and stylish surroundings from attending UK media, than of the new products.

Oh, and there was the Apple TV 4K and the introduction of the new Apple Retail stores or ‘Town Squares’ as they will be known.

But did the event live up to expectations? Well, Apple (and most US companies) do ‘do’ launches. There’s always more pomp and circumstance than experienced in the Albert Hall at the Last Night of the Proms. But with one minor flaw – a failed device demo! (It happens to all the greats!).

But to be honest, there was nothing that wasn’t expected or revolutionary. And as Apple shares began to slide, after the details of the new iPhone were shared, it seems others may have thought so too. Apple still remains the ‘most valuable company in the world’, so I wonder how much it really cares!

Written by Paul Nolan


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