CCGroup refreshes social, video and marketing automation services for post-Covid world

The Covid-19 pandemic is dramatically changing marketing communications as digital content, channels, and engagement take precedence. The crisis has spurred a 50-70% increase in internet usage and accelerated the eCommerce market by six years according to Adobe.

From a B2B perspective, 93% of B2B marketers now believe LinkedIn is the most effective platform for lead generation with 64% of corporate website visits originating via the site.

Put simply, if B2B brands are not using digital platforms to raise awareness, boost engagement and drive sales leads then there is a black hole in their marketing plan.

However, with budgets being closely scrutinised there is increasing pressure on internal marketers to  get ‘bang for buck’. Brands need to not only produce, distribute and drive engagement with digital content but they need the internal structures and processes to ensure all that effort delivers where it matters most: the bottom line.

CCgroup is today unveiling a refresh to its digital marketing services across social media, video production and marketing automation, to help our clients and prospects to successfully navigate this new marketing landscape.

Here’s a bit more information about how our offerings can benefit B2B brands.

Social media 

90% of B2B decision makers don’t respond to cold outreach, but 75% of them use social media in their decision-making process (IDG, 2019). Whether it is raising awareness, enhancing reputation, or driving sales directly, social media plays an integral part in any B2B marketing communications strategy.

In response, we have evolved our social media packages to cater to a range of different needs.

These include annual programmes designed to amplify and drive advocacy using social media as well as the following stand-alone offerings:

  • Social media audit & strategy

An in-depth audit and analysis of your social channels to create a social media strategy that will improve its return on investment for your brand.

  • Social media campaign activation

Whether for a major news story or content marketing campaign, CCgroup will create rich and engaging social media content across both paid and organic channels to cut through the noise and generate sales leads.

  • Influencer relations

84% of senior buyers are using social interaction to influence purchase decisions. CCgroup’s influencer relations programme ensures executives are listening to and engaging with key influencers at the right time and with the right content.

Video & moving image

Market research shows that 72% of B2B buyers are watching videos to help them make buying decisions (Google Research). Video and moving image is critical to diversifying content offerings, attracting more prospects, demonstrating authenticity and expertise, and most importantly, keeping audiences engaged.

With the rise in digital-first engagement and remote working, video is a critical tool for marketers.

CCgroup has three video production offerings:

  • Bronze – Cost-effective and fast video production using a smartphone alongside a professional editing suite
  • Silver – Professional quality video production including animation and virtual studios
  • Gold – Broadcast quality video production for brand stories and company videos

Whether it is vox pops at an event, talking heads for social media or a major customer case study, CCgroup can meet your video needs.

Marketing automation 

Marketing automation is the use of a technology platform to empower marketing teams by streamlining repetitive tasks to increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster.

At a time where marketers are required to produce better results with fewer resources, marketing automation can achieve a big impact. 55% of B2B companies are already using marketing automation to save time, generate sales leads and improve conversion rates.

CCgroup has four marketing automation offerings:

  • Marketing automation audit & strategy
  • Lead scoring & tracking
  • Lead nurturing workflows
  • Campaign amplification & acquisition

Demonstrating RoI is critical, and marketing automation helps businesses get more bang for their buck by automating repetitive tasks. From lead gen to lead nurturing our marketing automation services bridges the divide between sales and marketing and ensures that no lead falls between the cracks.

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Written by Rose Chapman

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