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CCgroup’s Congress Crunch: How to be shortlisted for a Global Mobile Award

As the dust settles on the Mobile World Congress ‘Call for Papers’, another deadline makes an appearance on the horizon. The 2018 Global Mobile Awards are open for business and you have until Wednesday, 22nd November 2017 to craft your winning entries.

This year there are 38 awards up for grabs, sitting under eight categories including: Mobile Tech; Consumer; Fourth Industrial Revolution; Device; Content & Media; Social Good; Government Excellence Awards; and Outstanding Achievement.

Akin to the speaker submissions, the Global Mobile Awards are a fiercely competitive and hotly contested, but worthwhile process. With a sizeable judging panel (more than 150 last year) predominantly made up of industry analysts, influential journalists and independent consultants, the awards are considered the most prestigious accolades the industry offers. So much so, they’ve been labelled ‘The Oscars of the mobile industry’.

Being shortlisted is a considerable achievement, delivering further credibility for a company, its product or service innovation. Anecdotal evidence suggests that being shortlisted for the awards has led to some major commercial deals for companies in the past.

To assist you with your submission, here are a few tips from CCgroup’s Mobile and Telecoms team to help your entry catch the judges’ attention and boost your chances of success.

Don’t be afraid to enter: The Global Mobile Awards have a healthy tradition of uncovering innovation in all its forms, regardless of the size, existing brand strength or general market awareness of the companies and/or organisation in question. Even if your entry isn’t successfully shortlisted, it has still been carefully scrutinised by a panel of journalists, analysts and consultants – how often can you guarantee a captive audience of such stature?

Credibility comes from evidence: Ultimately it’s numbers, statistics and proof of your claims that judges look for when selecting a winning entry. Entries that don’t contain evidence tend not to do as well as those that do.

Partnerships: The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Joining with a partner or a customer to showcase a successful project is a great option for a compelling awards submission. And actively encouraged by the GSMA team.

Pay close attention to the category criteria: Eligibility is key so make sure that your entries comply with the strict entry criteria. Echoing what we were taught at school – read the questions thoroughly and provide clear and concise answers. Each of the judges are specialists in key areas that link closely to the themes of the awards. They assess all entries against the clearly defined criteria.

Use multimedia: Take the opportunity provided to submit supporting material. If possible, link to video and other visual or written content – this will help your entry stand out from the crowd. Used well, it can be very effective.

All the best of luck!

If you would like some help building a successful Global Mobile Award entry or you would like to sign up to CCgroup’s Congress Crunch blog series, please contact our Head of Mobile & Telecoms;

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Watch out for our next blog, covering how to develop your Analyst Relations strategy ahead of MWC 2018.

Written by Paul Nolan


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