How to influence cybersecurity buyers in a tough economic climate

The market environment for cybersecurity vendors has never been more challenging: geopolitical events such as the Ukraine war are fuelling cybersecurity attacks, the talent shortage is worsening, and global economic uncertainty continues.

This is making the role of those tasked with keeping up with a growing number of attacks extremely difficult, and profoundly altering their requirements. Many enterprises are, understandably, scrutinising budgets closely, with all that implies for future investment.

However, the outlook remains broadly positive. The market for cybersecurity products is still competitive, with 78% of enterprises in the US and 58% in the UK, increasing their investments in the last year, while 81% of enterprises overall are looking to work with new cybersecurity technology suppliers in the next 12 months.

Given the current market conditions, seizing this opportunity cannot be done using the same methods employed a year ago. The market environment has changed; therefore, the way cybersecurity vendors market their products and services must change too. As a cybersecurity vendor marketer, what’s the best way to grab attention? And how can you better communicate your ability to solve enterprises’ problems?

To help you in the creation of new marketing strategies that will influence buyer awareness and purchasing decisions, we surveyed 360 cybersecurity decision makers (C-levels and Heads) across the UK and the US, who have made major technology purchases in the last 12 months. We discovered:

  • The current state of cybersecurity investments and what factors are driving the need to purchase new cybersecurity technology.
  • The best channels and content types for generating cybersecurity vendor awareness.
  • The most influential content types and channels for narrowing down lists of prospective cybersecurity vendors to engage.
  • The vendor attributes prospective buyers are looking for.
  • The content types that prospective buyers find to be the most lacking among cybersecurity vendors.

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Written by Florie Lhuillier


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