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Organic LinkedIn best practice – The ultimate algorithm hacks

LinkedIn’s most recent algorithm update (June 2023) was aimed at better surfacing content, valuing ‘meaningful engagement’ above all else. Its objective was to guarantee better reach to direct connections and prioritise the distribution of high-value content to relevant audiences.

Inside-out knowledge of the algorithm is a powerful tool in our marketing services arsenal and one that allows us to constantly improve and remain ahead of the curve.

Over the year since the update, we have perfected and polished our organic LinkedIn skills, passing on those nuggets of wisdom to our clients. So here are a few of the most important LinkedIn algorithm hacks to bear in mind when laying out an organic LinkedIn strategy.

Optimise your page to improve searchability

According to LinkedIn, companies with complete LinkedIn profiles receive 30% more weekly views. Think of your LinkedIn page as a storefront window: the more enticing your window, the more people are likely to enter your shop.

Ensure your page is fully optimised and covers all the essential information on your location, company size and products or services offered. Audiences are also more likely to engage with pages that have a logo and banner image aligned with their website and other communication channels.

Your page description should be filled in and regularly reviewed to ensure the content is in line with the company’s mission and overall vision. Since the last LinkedIn algorithm update, companies that also include relevant hashtags in their description have a higher ‘searchability’ score, making it easier for users with similar interests to find them.

Research hashtags to be a part of larger conversations

Hashtags are equally as important for company posts, as they allow the algorithm to categorise the content surfaced before distributing it to users based on their interests and skills.

Before outlining a content calendar, research popular hashtags in your industry to ensure your posts can be appropriately tagged to reach the correct audiences. By understanding the macro and micro trends within your industry, you can also establish which conversations you want to join by following hashtags and regularly using them in your posts.

Content deemed insightful or informative will be surfaced and shown to members according to their interests and skills, so be sure to have a clear keyword strategy from the get-go.

Post consistently to stay relevant

Companies that post regularly are more likely to keep their followers engaged. The key is to strike a balance between remaining front of mind and overwhelming your audience. As a rule of thumb, two to three posts per week is perfectly acceptable and likely to lead to an improved organic performance over time.

Consistency is not to be confused with repetition; avoid posting the same content multiple times or only using the same post format, as this could lead to content fatigue. Instead, vary your content often by using a variety of post formats, making sure they’re informative, engaging and timely.

Engage with your audience to amplify your reach

At its very core, LinkedIn is a platform designed for networking, so collaboration is highly recommended and can go a long way to improving your reach.

People work with people, so don’t be afraid to ask questions or instigate conversations within your network. Foster an environment that thrives on collaboration and seeks the opinion of like-minded professionals.

Every company wants to excel and stand out on LinkedIn. While producing informative and engaging content will take you pretty far, prompting meaningful conversations is ultimately what will give you an algorithm advantage, helping you get your content in front of the right people, at the right time.

Written by Dani Pisciottano


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