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Tech me out: A beginners guide to DevOps

DevOps is a set of practices which sees developer and operation teams working closely together across the entire lifecycle of a product or service in software development. DevOps encourages improved communication and allows different teams to share the same techniques and strategies.

What does DevOps do?

Historically, developer and operation teams have worked in silos, much to their detriment. DevOps brings these two teams together to work more collaboratively, resulting in shorter development cycles and greater innovation. This is key when we think about how many software applications we use and need every day; rapid innovation can play an important role in improving user experience.

Why should you care about it?

A key element of practicing DevOps is the automation of standard and mundane tasks. Pairing this automation with interoperability between teams acts as the ideal conduit to faster and more reliable delivery times.

At a human level, we should care about DevOps because it removes the long-standing friction between developers and operation teams. Through improved dialogue, the two teams more quickly resolve issues and problems, and establish an improved internal culture based on collaboration. Initiating this culture shift, however, requires commitment and may take time to iron out initial teething problems.

Who’s talking about it?

Vendors with their ear to the community have ensured that their products integrate with DevOps, a concept that’s increasingly popular with IT pros. SolarWinds’ APM Suite, for example, enables application performance monitoring from a user’s perspective. These kinds of features compliment the DevOps philosophy of delivering for the end user.


Written by Connor Griffiths


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