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Tech me out: A beginners guide to DNS

The next in our blog series, ‘Tech Me Out’, aimed at demystifying and explaining some of the technologies and technical terms we encounter and use every day in the b2b tech PR world.

What is DNS? 

DNS is short for Domain Name System, a large network of servers located across the globe that contains a distributed database of domain names and IP addresses. It not only ensures that the Internet is user-friendly but that it works smoothly too, loading the content we ask for, quickly and efficiently.

Why is it important?

We rely on DNS for everything. Often referred to as the Internet’s phonebook, DNS connects domain names to IP addresses. It replaces numeric addresses (IP addresses) with alphabetic addresses (domain names) so rather than “dialing” a string of numbers in a browser to get access to the BBC website, you just type its name instead. With over 1.5 billion websites on the Internet today, alphabetic addresses are simply easier to remember. is easier to remember and type than, for example.

Why should I care about it?

As DNS is mission-critical, DNS servers have naturally become a prime target and entry point for criminals and data exfiltration. According to EfficientIP’s 2020 Global DNS Threat Report, 79% of organisations experienced DNS attacks within the past year, with the average cost of each attack hovering around $924,000.

If your DNS server was taken down, you could be blocked from accessing online resources and suffer irreparable damage. Your DNS server’s records could be “spoofed” or altered maliciously too, which means a cybercriminal could redirect your users to a fake website designed to steal credentials – opening the doors of your business to IP theft.

To not fall victim to a DNS attack, make sure to invest in a solution that integrates three things: DNS services to have access to all your applications and services, DHCP services that automatically provide and assign IP addresses to connect to the network and a solution that manages those IP addresses.

Who’s talking about it?

Unlike traditional network security solutions such as anti-DDoS, Next Generation firewalls, or IPS that have proven to be ineffective, the 360° DNS Security solution offered by EfficientIP can secure your business from both external and internal DNS threats including DDoS, zero-day, DNS tunneling or DNS hijacking.

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If you are struggling with any technical jargon or want a simple explanation for that complex tech you are working on, let us know and we will simplify it for you!

Written by Florie Lhuillier


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