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How To Sell To Telcos In The Age Of Digital Transformation

Vendors are finding engaging with telcos increasingly difficult.

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Operator organisations are in near-constant flux, their purchasing processes are changing, and many telcos are frustrated by the failure of vendors to demonstrate they can meet their evolving needs.

How To Sell To Telcos In The Age Of Digital Transformation

This unique study, conducted in partnership with Insight Avenue, uncovers a complex purchasing process; and an increase in the levels of demands on vendors to support telcos with digital transformation.

The report outlines the effect this has on telcos procurement processes, and vendor sales and marketing.

Of those polled:

  • 74% of telcos now see consensus buying as the new norm
  • 70% believe the number of people involved in decision making will increase over the next two years.
  • 40% of respondents admit that purchases can often be abandoned completely if consensus isn’t reached.

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