Influencing Buyers Through Telecoms Analysts

Our recent research, ‘Navigating telco turbulence: Lessons for vendor marketing‘ highlights the impact of analysts on telecoms operator’s when they are shortlisting for RFPs.

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Influencing Buyers Through Telecoms Analysts

The landscape of the telecommunications industry has been changing significantly in the last 5 years, from a range of new services to the adoption of 5G. There are considerable challenges and decisions to make and analysts play a key role in this process.

In this webinar we unveil the key findings and examine the obstacles and opportunities in the industry.

The discussion will focus on:

  • Why are analysts key to telecoms’ success?
  • What did our research show?
  • How does analyst influence help?
  • What obstacles are there to working with them?
  • Which are the analyst firms most valued for telecoms industry insights?

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