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Successfully Marketing And Selling To Broadcast Service Providers

“Selling” has never been harder.

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It is becoming increasingly difficult for technology providers to effectively market and sell their wares to broadcast service providers.

Sales and marketing success is no longer predictable; new technology needs, business models, and market consolidation all combine to create an incredibly noisy environment in which it is harder for vendors to be heard.

Successfully Marketing And Selling To Broadcast Service Providers

To improve sales and marketing effectiveness, vendors must know more about how service providers identify technology partners, and how purchasing decisions are ultimately influenced.

Understanding these processes not only allows vendors to sell more effectively, but also make a strategic shift from transaction-based technology vendors to high value strategic, consultative technology partners.

CCgroup’s new white paper analyses how broadcast service providers identify and purchase from technology vendors.

Armed with this understanding, the paper explores how vendors can:

  • Increase their sales and marketing effectiveness
  • How they can influence the broadcast service provider technology purchasing process

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