Use Measurement To Drive Analyst Relations Objectives

Measurement is not only the deepest challenge in analyst relations, it’s also the biggest danger.

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Use Measurement To Drive Analyst Relations Objectives

Budgets are tightening so communications professions are coming under increasingly more pressure to prove the value of their work and while there has been some progress in measuring KPIs from public relations activity, the evaluation of analyst relations remains focused on vanity metrics that fail to demonstrate how it creates any value.

CCgroup is helping to shift the focus by tracking analysts’ perceptions and the value of their insight. Learn about the common approaches to AR measurement and how to foreground measurements which are most effective in driving analyst relations to guide your business forward.

The webinar is hosted by Duncan Chapple Head of Analyst Relations and Matthew Denby​, Measurement Specialist.

The discussion focusses on:

  • Key operational Measurements 
  • What insights and reports are valued by stakeholders?
  • How can we connect up traffic and revenue?

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