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Money20/20 Europe 2023 – key takeaways

The most prestigious fintech event in Europe took place at the Rai Amsterdam last week. If you’re a fintech afficionado, you’ll know all about it!

Money20/20 is where money does business. The show is attended by major business leaders in the space, the founders of promising startups and highly regarded FFs, or ‘finfluencers’. For many, having a presence at the event can be a crucial element in the closing of an important deal and in overall business growth—particularly for startups.

At this year’s show, topics like embedded finance, BaaS and Open Banking dominated the agenda, but AI really stole the limelight. The applications, use cases and how AI technology is affecting financial services, in particular banking, were addressed on the major stages at the conference. For example, Annerie Vreughdenhil, CCO of ABN AMRO Bank, discussed how they are applying AI technologies in their customer call centres.

In a previous blog post, Daniel Lowther highlighted just how valuable it is to have a speaking slot at Money20/20 and how it can dramatically improve your spokesperson profile. He also gave some tips on what makes a successful submission.

At CCgroup we continued our great track record in Money 20/20 submissions—we had several client speakers make the cut, along with several content ideas too.

Our clients Iana Dimitrova (CEO at OpenPayd) and Teo Blidarus (CEO at FintechOS) took to the Fusion stage to discuss Embedded Finance and ‘how banks can’t have it all’ alongside Claire Calmejane, Chief Innovation Officer at SocieteGenerale.

Embedded Finance is the key for businesses to get closer to their customers, creating engagement and driving retention, as well as to unlock new revenue streams that can be crucial for their growth strategies. To keep up with new technology trends and evolving customer demand, banks can benefit from working with strategic Embedded Finance providers to tap into the wider opportunity posed by this market.

CEO of payabl. Ugne Buraciene, moderated a talk on ‘What merchants need to do to improve payments’ at the MoneyBot stage, with guest speakers including Diana Carrasco, Managing Director of Merchant Solutions at Lloyds Banking Group and Katherine Henry-Foord, Conversion Optimisation Consultant at PPRO.

Leveraging merchants’ access to customer insights combined with data held by payment providers is fundamental to enhance the customer experience. Meeting customer expectations is at the heart of a merchant’s success.

Emma Hagan, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer at ClearBank, Lynda Strutton Chief Operating Officer at Tribe Payments, Sarah Kocianski, Fintech Consultant and Advisory at SJK Insights and Dr. Verena Thaler Chief of Staff at Raisin, took the Fusion stage to discuss Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS).

“You won’t find many people saying we should have more regulation. But looking at existing regulation through the lens of BaaS could help everyone in the chain from a fintech or brand through to the underlying bank provider.” said Emma.

Securing a speaking slot at Money20/20 isn’t an easy task. Each year the bar is raised, and the need for diverse speakers with innovative topics is evident. However, if you’re able to cut through the noise, you’ll reap the rewards.

Written by Alexandra Santos


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