Life at CCGroup

Our first month at CCGroup

Coming to the end of our first four weeks with CCGroup, we can honestly say we’re having a great time.

We’ve loved getting to know each member of the team, learning about the amazing work that our clients do and even being ninjas for the day, at our office summer party!

We arrived here with a certain amount of trepidation like most starting a new job, but we are driven, keen to learn and really looking forward to getting stuck into the challenge!

Admittedly, there was a lot to get our heads around over the initial few days, with a certain amount of techy lingo flying about, but thankfully everyone here has been so helpful and are always willing to answer the questions we have (and believe us we’ve had more than a few!). Our new team has made the learning process and settling in so much easier for both of us.

We are working on a variety of different clients across CCGroup’s specialisms of Telecoms, Fintech, Enterprise Tech and Mediatech.  It’s great to get exposure to different types of clients and very different businesses.  In our first month we have written content, done some research, handled client calls, talked to journalists and updated reports.  So we’ve already had quite a bit of exposure and feel like we are very much part of the team.

Overall, CCGroup is a very people-orientated place that thrives on the accomplishment of its employees. A good proportion of people here have been at the agency for 3 years and up! So, we are confident that there will be a bright future here for the two newbies from Bournemouth – watch this space!

Hannah & Adam x

Written by Adam Millar


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