The cybersecurity buying landscape is changing, so your marketing strategy needs to, too

The COVID‐19 pandemic has created considerable uncertainty and caused widespread disruption in businesses’ security operations. Remote working in particular has been an issue.

As millions of employees suddenly found themselves in a work-from-home model, IT security teams had to quickly shift priorities and budgets. They had to institute measures to maintain business continuity and, most importantly, protect their organisation and remote workers against cyber-attacks.

With remote work here to stay for many, in this post-COVID world – and new threats emerging every day, it’s no wonder companies are still planning to make considerable investments in security technology despite ongoing economic uncertainty. According to IDC, security spending is set to reach $174.7 billion globally in 2024. The future for security vendors is certainly looking bright.

However, seizing this opportunity cannot be done using the same methods that were employed before or during the COVID-19 pandemic. The market environment has changed; therefore, the way security vendors market products and services must change too. So, as a security vendor marketer, what’s the best way to grab attention? What and how should you be communicating in today’s tougher and highly competitive market?

To help you in the creation of new marketing strategies that will influence buyer awareness and purchasing decisions, we surveyed 200 UK senior decision markers that have been involved in a major security technology purchase in the last six to 12 months. We were able to find out:

  • The current state of security investments and what factors are driving the need to purchase new security technology
  • The top five most impactful channels for creating security vendor awareness
  • The content types and channels companies find most influential when narrowing down lists of prospective security vendors to engage with
  • The content types that prospective buyers find to be the most lacking amongst security vendors

The report, ‘Security marketing strategies: influencing contemporary purchasing behaviour’, will be available to download from next week. Register your details in the form on the right to be the first to receive a copy.

We’ll also be discussing the report findings and providing recommendations to security vendors on a webinar on 15th April. To register, email [email protected] and we will send you an invite.

Written by Florie Lhuillier


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