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Trusted advisors: the role of industry analysts in telecoms purchasing – lessons for vendors

CCGroup, in partnership with Sapio Research, surveyed 150 CSP decision makers in key markets – the UK, US, France and Germany – to understand the channels and content they most rely on for vendor awareness, shortlisting and selection. Industry analysts, through word of mouth and the content they produce, are one of the biggest influencers shaping buying journeys.

CSPs are navigating complex innovation and transformation initiatives. They told us they face three acute challenges – network investment, cloud migration and automation. CSPs want to invest in cloud services, OSS/BSS transformation and digital platforms to increase network efficiency and build new services, but concerns around network security and privacy loom as they deploy new networking technologies.

Industry analysts are a major influence across the CSP buyer journey

Industry analysts have an exceptionally high impact on purchasing by CSPs. An astonishing 46% of technology buying processes involve industry analysts and 66% of CSP decision makers said industry analysts significantly influence their buying decisions.

66% of CSPs said industry analysts have a high influence on their awareness of technology vendors. Industry analysts were one of a number of highly influential channels on awareness, including internal business analysts, business technology media, management consultants, industry events and peers. Industry analyst reports were the most valuable content format when learning about a vendor, with 48% of CSPs saying they are one of their most valuable resources for insights.

Participants also spoke about various channels’ influence on shortlisting. Industry analysts, along with management consultants, were the most influential channel, with 33% saying they have directly shortlisted a vendor as a direct result of industry analyst advisory.

At the vendor selection stage, industry analysts are again one of the most influential channels, with 72% of CSP buyers acknowledging their high influence alongside other key channels like business technology media and peer recommendations.

Industry analysts are a trusted advisor to CSPs

In the landscape of CSP purchasing decisions, one truth remains constant: industry analysts are trusted advisors, guiding CSPs towards solutions that address their most pressing business challenges. For vendors aspiring to capture the attention of CSPs, an effective analyst relations programme is not just advantageous – it’s imperative.

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Written by Chris Sedgwick


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