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Understanding the enterprise technology buying process

Today’s enterprises are under more pressure than ever before. There is pressure to run more efficiently, to improve customer satisfaction levels, and to grow and break into new markets. There is pressure to reduce costs, improve financial reporting as well as supply chain performance—all while meeting sustainability targets and most importantly, making a profit.

Technology is critical to enterprises to meet these goals. But thanks to the macroeconomic environment, budgets are being slashed across the board. Which means there is more scrutiny around the technology buying process than ever before. 

So what does this mean for the technology vendors selling into enterprises? With more financial rigour around the buying process, how can you prove that what you’re offering is not only better than the competition, but it’s worth the investment? Where should you show up throughout the buying process, and how?

CCGroup, in partnership with Coleman Parkes, surveyed 200 technology-decision makers from UK enterprises to understand how enterprises are approaching technology buying, the technologies they are prioritising, and the marketing channels and content formats they use to inform their purchasing decisions.

And there is good news for vendors—despite market conditions, enterprises are spending money on new technology, and budgets are healthy. 

Enterprises are mostly focused on increasing revenues and efficiencies and keeping up with technology advances, and are looking to AI, automation and private networks as technology solutions. But how do they go about identifying and selecting vendor partners? Which channels and materials do they refer to as part of the process? 

Across the board, enterprises are referring to more marketing channels and content types. Whether it’s industry analysts, trade media, awards, direct marketing and advertising—all marketing channels are almost equally important when identifying and selecting vendor partners. And the same is true of content types—conference speeches, webinars, opinion articles, infographics and social media are again, are all ranked almost equally when trying to learn more about, and for final selection of vendor partners. Which means vendors must have comprehensive, integrated marketing programmes in place if they are to successfully sell into the enterprise.

There is no denying that technology vendors are the solution to helping enterprises not only survive, but thrive. It is critical that vendor marketers understand exactly what enterprise technology buying priorities look like, and find a way to position themselves as valuable partners to help enterprises navigate their journeys. 

Download the full report, Understanding enterprise technology buying: Lessons for vendor marketing’, here. 

Written by Chloe Pope


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