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Telco Transformation: Lessons For Vendor Marketing

The telecoms industry has faced disruption for some time. Coupled with the ever growing pressure from competition, telcos are seeing the need for transformation.

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Telco Transformation: Lessons For Vendor Marketing

As telcos navigate continued disruption and change, it is important for vendors to understand exactly what telco technology buying priorities look like.

Given the rate of network investment over the next few years, there is huge opportunity for vendors to position themselves as valuable partners to help telcos on the next step of their transformation journeys. But standing out from the crowd in such a noisy market is tough, especially as many organisations face reduced marketing budgets and resources.

We surveyed 150 technology decision makers within telco organisations across the UK, Europe, and the U.S to understand network investments, and how marketing channels influence technology purchasing decisions. Our report offers fresh insights for technology vendors trying to market and sell to telcos more effectively.

Key findings include:

  • Vendors must have deep insight into telcos’ business needs 
  • Telcos refer to a many different content formats to identify and select vendor partners
  • An integrated marketing approach is required to raise vendor awareness
  • Industry analysts play a vital role in the purchasing process

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