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Money 20/20 Europe: 5 tips to boost speaker success

Every year, industry leaders from across Europe meet for one of the biggest events on the FinTech calendar, Money20/20 Europe. After a two-year stint in Copenhagen, the event taking place on 4th-6th June 2018 will be heading to Amsterdam to accommodate the growing number of delegates and exhibitors that flock to the show.

With 5000+ attendees at 2017’s event, competition for speaker slots is as tough as it’s ever been, if not tougher.

Conducting research and understanding the needs of the organisers and content team has never been more important to provide the best chance of success. That’s why we recently caught up with Kate McKenzie, Content Producer for Money20/20 Europe who shared helpful hints and tips for companies looking to stand on stage in 2018.

  1. The best time to apply is now

The most important piece of advice from Kate was to apply sooner rather than later. Simply put, there is limited space on the agenda, so late applications are more likely to find their topic area already complete. The event agenda has already begun to take shape with broad themes slowly becoming more detailed. Interesting ideas from early applicants will be used to inform the final agenda, so getting in as soon as possible is crucial.

  1. Finding the right speaker

Unsurprisingly, the most senior person within a company, e.g. the CEO, is often the preferred spokesperson for a speaker slot, if not another C-suite executive. But if a spokesperson has the right technical knowledge or a unique background, they will also be considered. Ultimately, experience is everything and applicants will need to show that the speaker put forward is an expert in their field. Remember, attendees to Money20/20 Europe already know the basics; they come to learn deeper insights. Links to videos of previous presentations if available should be added to submissions as evidence of the spokesperson’s credentials.

  1. Get creative with sessions

This year, the agenda will be widened to include more fireside chats and standalone presentations, alongside panels.  It is key that speaker topics relate back to the wider industry, rather than simply a company’s product. Compelling case studies will be considered for standalone sessions and 10 minute slots are also available for new product announcements. But don’t limit yourselves. Creative ideas such as game show or debate style sessions are welcome and can help you stand out from the masses of applications.

  1. Choosing the right topic

Would 500+ people want to listen to your presentation? That is the question you need to ask yourself when developing your speaker topic. Topics for panel sessions must relate back to wider industry issues that will be of interest to an audience of financial services experts. Offering a customer or partner as part of a joint session, or showcasing new insight can also be compelling. .

  1. How long should the submission be?

One question people tend to have when drafting submissions is how long it should be, especially when there isn’t a given word limit. “How long is a piece of string?” remarks aside, it’s always good to have a guideline so you’re sure you’re going into enough detail. Speaker submissions are on average between 200 and 300 words. But of course, if you can coherently explain your idea in slightly fewer, brevity is encouraged.

How to be one of the lucky ones

With the world’s leading organisations and innovators in the FinTech space all under one roof, a place on the Money20/20 stage is invaluable. Unfortunately not everyone that applies will be lucky enough to secure a slot, but planning sooner, rather than later, and getting your creative hat on, will improve your chances of success.

For further advice on how to maximise your presence at Money20/20 Europe in 2018 contact our Head of FinTech, Dan Lowther: [email protected]

Written by Hannah Davies

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