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Telco transformation: Lessons for vendor marketing

The telecoms industry is no stranger to disruption. Over the last several years, macroeconomic factors, the emergence of new technologies and market consolidation have all been driving constant change. In today’s digital age, telcos are facing mounting pressure to invest in new areas and prepare their networks to support the growing demand for digital services. Without doing so, telecoms providers risk falling behind their counterparts.

According to our latest Catalyst research, OSS/BSS, cloud infrastructure and network backhaul are areas ripe for telco investment, driven by the need to drive greater network efficiency, whether that be through greener technologies, or upgraded software that removes the burden brought about by legacy.

It’s clear there is a considerable period of network evolution ahead but telcos cannot embark on this transformation journey alone. Industry collaboration is crucial and telecoms vendors have a unique opportunity to support telcos on this journey.

But standing out from the crowd is tough. Marketing resources are increasingly being squeezed, and yet competition has never been tougher. So what can technology vendors do to get on the radar of technology buyers within telco organisations? How can marketers within telecoms vendor organisations maximise their chances of success when it comes to impactful campaigns that result in leads, RFIs, and RFPs?

We surveyed 150 telco decision makers (C-levels and Heads) across the UK, US, France and Germany, to uncover:

  • The technologies set to receive the greatest amount of investment by telcos and the external factors driving this forward.
  • The challenges hindering telcos in adopting automation and migrating to the cloud.
  • The content formats that prospective telco buyers prefer to engage with when identifying and selecting vendors.
  • The most influential channels for raising awareness amongst telco buyers.
  • The analyst firms that telcos deem the most influential and the role they play throughout the purchasing process.

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Written by Celia Cox

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