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How To Influence Fintech Buyers In Capital Markets

What influences senior decision makers in capital markets at different stages in the purchasing process when selecting a technology vendor?

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Capital markets firms present a sizeable opportunity for tech vendors, but how these buyers select technology partners, and how this process can be influenced, has been unclear.

How do vendors get on tech buyer radars? How do they progress to the shortlist? What makes the difference between winning and losing?

How To Influence Fintech Buyers In Capital Markets

CCgroup, in conjunction with Contentive, surveyed senior decision makers in large capital markets institutions.

The findings from this whitepaper suggest a complex, multi-layered buying process in which relationships, reputation, and profile are key deciding factors. Critically, this process can be influenced by intelligent marketing campaigns

For anyone involved in marketing or sales for technology companies in the capital markets, this document is essential reading. It delivers practical advice based on unique insight into the technology buying process in capital markets and how to influence it. Practitioners need not market ‘blind’ anymore.



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