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A new era of positivity for Azzurri Communications

Azzurri Communications (now Maintel) needed to dispel a longstanding negative perception in the media and shift market attention to a new set of positive, differentiating messages.


Azzurri Communications had faced a challenging period that had been reflected harshly and unfairly in the media. Intense competition also meant that like many in its market, Azzurri struggled to differentiate itself.

The Azzurri board had recently appointed a new CEO to lead a new phase of growth for the business. It had also declared a pressing requirement to capitalise on its investments in a network of datacentres and the new services that they underpinned.

The needs were therefore simple: reverse the negative sentiment surrounding the brand, achieve differentiation, improve online perception and generate leads for the cloud portfolio.


CCGroup constructed a set of individual messages for each audience that put cloud technology at the core of Azzurri’s service offering. This allowed Azzurri to lead the charge within the industry for Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), and differentiate itself from on-premise-only providers. This would instantly update Azzurri’s positioning, move them clear of their competition and give the company a new identity to accompany the announcement of a new CEO. All of this would serve as ammunition with which to counter the negative track record and maintain a steady cadence of positive news and differentiating thought leadership.

Before launching the press office, CCGroup then recommended a brave tactic: a media tour that would put the new Azzurri CEO and CTO in front of some of the same media who had recently been highly critical of the company.

A new era of positivity for Azzurri Communications

A clear example of precise messaging and strong media engagement combining to create a PR campaign with identifiable commercial benefits.



full days of media and analyst briefings were secured for the Azzurri execs


the regular drumbeat of thought leadership coverage reiterated the strong cloud and corporate messaging and successfully diverted attention away from the previous negative media coverage


the press office’s performance led to the CEO and CTO being frequently called upon by the media to comment on industry news and issues

The robust media activity and brand turnaround inspired Maintel to approach Azzurri for acquisition just 18 months after CCgroup was first engaged. Maintel was particularly encouraged by Azzurri’s strong media positioning and vision for cloud in unified communications.

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