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Fighting fragmentation through collaboration for WDS

Reinvigorating an industry debate to drive commercial opportunities.


WDS works with operators, handset manufacturers and retailers to maximise customer relationships across the entire mobile lifecycle.

WDS stresses the importance of customer experience management (CEM) in boosting customer retention, loyalty and value. But in the previous 18 months the term CEM had been over-used and lost its meaning in operator circles. With aggressive growth ambitions, it was critical to reinvigorate the CEM debate and drive commercial opportunities for WDS.

The challenge was to find a strong example of how a fragmented approach to CEM has disastrous consequences for an operator’s brand value and financial performance.


WDS handles some incredibly valuable data through running outsourced customer support for operators. Its marketing team interrogated 12 months of data (600,000 + customer support interactions) specific to device type and operating system. With such vast amounts of data, CCgroup and WDS had to ensure that the most compelling findings, stressing the importance of CEM, came to the fore.

Close analysis revealed an alarming number of Android device returns from confused and disgruntled customers. Digging deeper, the majority of calls actually stemmed from the fragmentation of the Android platform, but impacted operator support costs and service reputation.

An aggressive media campaign – CCgroup’s first for WDS - led the marketing assault, supported by a digital and direct email campaign.

Fighting fragmentation through collaboration for WDS


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