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Industry firsts, media dominance and sales leads for LOGICnow

CCGroup was tasked with launching LOGICnow as a new brand to the global IT services management (ITSM) market. In order to secure primary brand position amongst its competitors, CCGroup devised the Global IT Service Providers Harmony Report, the first ever health check of the ITSM market, across LOGICnow’s primary eight countries.


Launching as a new IT service management brand, LOGICnow needed to quickly establish itself amongst its competitors and build a pipeline of leads. LOGICnow was joining a crowded market with established and well-credentialed competitors. It, therefore, needed to showcase its own, superior credentials, win a suitable share of voice in the media and start using its PR and marketing activities to generate viable leads.


A high-intensity launch and ongoing press office programme immediately secured LOGICnow the top spot in global share of voice. To maintain this momentum, CCGroup launched LOGICnow’s first major campaign; the Global IT Service Providers Harmony Report.

This was a detailed ‘compare and contrast’ examination of the global ITSM market that would determine the degree of consensus (Harmony) or discrepancy (Discord) between 800 IT service providers and 1,300 IT departments on crucial commercial topics. This would be the ITSM industry’s first ever global health check.

The key question that the survey sought to answer was: “How in tune with the expectations and preferences of its target market is the ITSM industry when selling its services?”

CCGroup compared the two audiences’ views and discovered enormous discrepancies. The campaign’s core message was, therefore, to show IT service providers – LOGICnow’s primary audience – how their current sales and commercial development approach was undermining their own potential, and therefore urged immediate change.

These insights were then used to create a white paper, press releases, bylines, an infographic, blogs and other social media content. CCGroup then distributed this content to its GlobalCom partner agencies across LOGICnow’s major territories for localisation ahead of launch.

Industry firsts, media dominance and sales leads for LOGICnow



Global coverage secured in top tier trade media.


Increase in PR-driven referral traffic to the website


Leads per campaign, one of which was shortlisted for international PR industry awards.


Maintained top position in global share of voice for 18 months

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