Launching Netacea in the US

Netacea provides a faster, simpler way to stop bot attacks at scale. Combined with its award-winning TrafficDefender solution, the company disrupted bot management with its unique intent-focused approach to detecting and stopping malicious bots. Netacea uses its technology across enterprise estates to defend websites, mobile apps and APIs from automated threats. In January 2021, Netacea tasked CCGroup with launching the company to the US market.


  • Increase awareness of and establish thought leadership stances for bot protection specialist Netacea among security decision makers in the US, particularly working within the ecommerce, financial services, TMT and entertainment sectors.
  • Educate the US market on the detrimental impact of malicious bots.


  • Developed a series of thought leadership synopses, comments and opinions on the issues Netacea’s target audiences are facing, following an issues workshop session.
  • Pitched byline synopses, Q&As and reactive comments to the media using the latest news in the market as well as Netacea’s corporate story.
  • Used hijacking opportunities such as the PS5 shortage to put Netacea at the front of a global conversation around scalper bots.
  • Worked closely with the threat research team to develop comments and stories on the bot market, such as bots scooping up concert tickets and COVID vaccine appointments.
  • Pitched news stories such as Netacea’s partner programme launch and Series A fundings as well as research reports on refund fraud, the Genesis Market and its annual bot management review.
  • Collaborated with the UK team to develop and repurpose content.
Launching Netacea in the US



pieces of coverage generated in 2.5 years, including 80% in tier 1 publications


tier 1 Share of Voice increase from 2020 to 2021 and 67% increase from 2021 to 2022.


Established strong relationships with top tier trade and national/business publications such as Venture Beat, CNBC, Forbes, USA Today, WIRED and Dark Reading

“I consider the team an extension of our internal marketing team. they are always on hand, proactive and knowledgeable. Whether it’s senior counsel, media relations, internal communications or campaign strategy –I can always rely on CCGroup to deliver for our brand.”

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