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Proving the link between PR and sales: Lead generation for eBuilder

eBuilder is an established company but has been operating under the radar since it was formed. It enjoys good commercial traction with its key customer, and investor, Telia Company, for its range of innovative customer care solutions.


The company felt that with strong Telia momentum behind them, the time was right to showcase its capabilities to other major operators across Europe, and, ultimately generate sales leads. It, therefore, commissioned CCGroup to undertake a promotional campaign.


A series of initial conversations with eBuilder revealed its new device insights capability was proving a significant hit with Telia and could provide the perfect ammunition to help ‘launch’ eBuilder to the European mobile operators via traditional telecoms industry media and analysts. eBuilder powers Telia’s device care service, Telia Min Mobil. This enables users to get proactive support based on device health analytics.

eBuilder analyses Telia’s customer data to score each user according to overall need to upgrade the device or their need for customer care services. It then proactively sends notifications (either device upgrade offers or care requests), according to the scores generated. Personalised push notifications, generated in this way, achieve dramatic improvements in click-through rates and therefore customer engagement.

We suggested leveraging the key benefits of the device insights service by showing other European operators what they’re missing by now working with eBuilder. We used Telia data to prove eBuilder’s device insights service drives 3X improvement in customer engagement for the operator as well as significant improvements in sales conversion. This formed the headline of the launch press release and a series of media face-to-face media briefings were scheduled in London, with key media and analysts, to hear the story from eBuilder and Telia first hand.

Armed with the press release and its compelling headline, and offering the media and analysts the chance to meet representatives from both Telia Company and eBuilder, we delivered a packed one-day schedule of media interviews with six leading telecoms journalists. These were conducted the day before the story was issued to the wider industry.

Proving the link between PR and sales: Lead generation for eBuilder

"One described the eBuilder coverage as ‘spreading like wildfire across its organisation.'"



in-depth articles leveraging the value of eBuilder’s device insights service


sales qualified leads in the first month of launch


sales qualified leads driven through earned content


it represents one of the most successful lead generation campaigns we have ever delivered.

Given the relatively small global audience ebuilder is targeting and the size of potential deals it typically converts, this is one of the most successful lead generation campaigns we have ever delivered.

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