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Putting JDSU’s Location Insight Services on the Map

CCgroup helped Arieso (later acquired by JDSU) define a new market for network operators, and drove interest and leads as a result.


In July 2013 Arieso, recently acquired by JDSU, launched GEOinsights – a new application to help mobile network operators (MNOs) develop new business models enabled by location intelligence.

To date, successful Location Based Services (LBS) had been delivered by Over-The-Top (OTT) providers, disintermediating MNOs and removing them from the value chain. However, research conducted by the CCgroup and JDSU team uncovered a new market that benefits MNOs directly: ‘Location Insight Services’ (LIS).

However ‘location’ was still only understood anecdotally by MNOs, with few substantive proof points available on how they could capitalise on the opportunity. In early 2013, location was more ‘hype’ than ‘hope’.

CCgroup was tasked with launching the Location Insight Services proposition, while the ultimate aim was to generate commercial interest from MNOs in GEOinsights.


In 2013, CCgroup conducted unique research to identify how MNOs select vendors. Called ConneCt, the research enabled us to identify the correct messaging, campaign strategy, content types and communications channels for this campaign.

Ultimately, ConneCt informed our decision to look at financial contribution and pragmatic business models.  CCgroup quantified the potential value of LIS by working with analyst firm STL partners. It developed a study which defined the financial opportunity represented by LIS for MNOs, estimating it, conservatively, to reach $11 billion by 2016. CCgroup then built a variety of press materials which provided a strong call to action for MNOs.

Putting JDSU’s Location Insight Services on the Map


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