Showing merchants the path to PCI Compliance

PCI compliance is essential for all UK merchants who handle credit card details – and ignorance is no defence, making strong communications essential to ensure compliance.


Payment fraud is on the increase, with sophisticated gangs targeting the UK to steal and abuse credit and debit card data. An important part of combating the threat of a security breach is to ensure that merchants achieve and maintain “PCI compliance”.

PCI compliance is essential for merchants of all sizes in the UK. Payment processing experts WorldPay have responsibility for ensuring that their merchants are up-to-date with compliance documentation. Achieving compliance is one thing, maintaining annual accreditation is a further challenge.


WorldPay commissioned CCgroup to lead a campaign aimed at the thousands of small merchants across the UK, including online retailers.

CCgroup created a major communications programme, including a microsite, newsletter and advice booklet – “The Way to Safer Business”.

The newsletter was distributed to over 100,000 WorldPay merchants in the UK, packaged with their monthly merchant invoice. The advice booklet was mailed directly to 4,000 WorldPay “Level 4” merchants, with a call to action to visit the “Safer Business” website and get PCI compliant.

Showing merchants the path to PCI Compliance


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