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The power of content marketing and customer testimonials

Blanket media coverage, MWC speaking slot, sales leads and award wins – all from a single piece of content.


To reinforce the position of WDS, a Xerox Company, as a principal thought leader in customer experience management (CEM) to a global mobile operator audience. This included promoting the company’s in-depth expertise, and showcasing the value it delivers to its international customer base.


WDS and CCgroup collaborated to create some compelling content designed to highlight the inconsistencies that existed with traditional mobile operator customer loyalty measurement. WDS undertook some global research of mobile subscribers in four key countries driving smartphone adoption. The results created interesting points of contention that served to challenge the status quo namely the inadequacies of relying purely on customer satisfaction (CSAT) and net promoter score (NPS) to gauge overall loyalty sentiment. The survey extended beyond the relationship between customer and operator to include overall attitudes towards device OEMs.

Called the “Mobile Loyalty Audit”, this unique study facilitated a number of pieces of compelling thought leadership collateral that WDS was able to promote over multiple communications channels earned media, owned media, direct customer engagement, industry award entries, social media and to prepare a speaker submission for the mobile industry’s most prominent industry event – Mobile World Congress (MWC).

Critically, WDS was also able to involve its valued customer, MTN South Africa, to provide a valuable endorsement for its CEM practices. The mobile operator declared its willingness to support WDS with its MWC speaker application and joint media briefings.

The power of content marketing and customer testimonials


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