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Using a targeted analyst outreach strategy to define new markets

Radisys had an innovative product, its Media Resource Function (MRF).


The company recognises the importance of industry analysts, but when it came to talking about the MRF product with industry analysts there was no defined point of reference as the product’s capabilities seemed to straddle several different technology segments. Due to potential confusion over where MRF belonged in the telecoms technology landscape, Radisys needed help to position the MRF into multiple target markets and customer segments. Doing so would help engage relevant analysts and, in turn, enable them to talk about MRF with end users and potential customers of Radisys.


Through detailed interaction and briefing, CCgroup worked with the product lead at Radisys to ensure we had a full understanding of the technologies involved. CCgroup then used this understanding to begin constructing a messaging grid that provided Radisys with key talking points around each of the three technology segments that the MRF touched upon: telecoms cloud, video conferencing, and carrier-class IMS equipment suppliers. We also added a layer of key messages that sat across those segment-specific talking points as well as messaging around the competitive landscape. The result was a messaging grid that made sense of MRF within the context of the technology segments it straddles, essentially covering all bases for subsequent briefings with analysts and helping them understand where the product is most relevant.

The next stage was to use CCgroup’s extensive knowledge of the telecoms industry’s analyst landscape to align key influencers to each of the technology segments. The result was a very granular document that provided a clear understanding of the relevant technology segments in relation to MRF, what the specific talking points should be on each segment and cross-segment, and who the most relevant analysts were that would be briefed.

Using a targeted analyst outreach strategy to define new markets


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