Media & social media content audit reports

Your content tells the story of your value proposition but is it reaching the right people? Are your competitors getting better traction with the same topics? Are you accurately reflected in the media? 

Our Services

Taking analytics tools and marrying that with SEO we aim to give our clients the most for their content. By doing an audit of the content across paid earned shared and owned channels we conduct an in-depth assessment of your marketing channels to assess its strengths and opportunities for improvement.  

On top of this, as part of our analytics toolset we can assess what content buyers are really engaging with outside of your owned channels. So that when we can tell your brand stories  we do it with a data led approach, meaning more engaging content reaching the right people. 

Our audits span across:

Social media

  • Organic performance: engagement, reach, target audience, 
  • Paid performance: CTR, CPG, ROAS, referrals

Owned web content

  • Assessing your content’s strengths / weaknesses and ensuring that everything is aligned with your business goals
  • Consistency of messaging
  • UX

Earned media

  • Assessing the newsworthiness of content and making recommendations on improvement

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