Positioning & messaging

In today’s ever evolving technology market, the key to success lies in standing out. Distinctiveness is paramount, and a carefully crafted positioning and messaging strategy acts as the powerful means to set your product or service apart in a crowded marketplace.

Our approach

Creating a good positioning and messaging strategy is about crafting a unique identity for your brand against your competitors. It’s about figuring out your USPs and communicating them clearly and consistently. The goal is to make sure every word and sentence resonates with your audiences, encouraging them to engage with your brand and understand the unique value you offer.

First, we really get to know your business. We interrogate your strengths and weaknesses, your plans and ambitions, perceptions of you. We combine this with our specialist market knowledge to help identify exactly where and how you should be positioned and what messages your audiences need to hear in order to be persuaded of your arguments.

We provide a full messaging and positioning strategy brought together in a series of strategic deliverables: 

Deciphering your target audience – we get under the skin of your audience to create tailored messages that address their unique needs and alleviate their pain points.

Understanding your competitive landscape – we map out the strengths, vulnerabilities, and messaging tactics of your competitors to give you a clear view of the gaps and opportunities.

Constructing your unique value proposition – we craft your UVP showcasing the unique benefits and value your brand brings to your audience.

Creating key messages and positioning statements – we’re now ready to create the blueprint for your brand. A set of narratives that fit seamlessly together to create a complete, persuasive picture of your brand and it’s unique value.

Developing your brand tone of voice – your tone of voice communicates your brand’s personality ensuring consistency of your key messages and how they are delivered across all channels.

The result is a messaging and positioning proposition – a new perspective on your market, business and even your marketing approach.

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