Crisis planning

Preserving reputation and revenue is the priority when brands are in the eye of the storm. A watertight crisis response plan will stabilise issues spiralling out of control and minimise long-term damage.

Our approach

Swift, transparent, empathetic. These are the essential ingredients of an effective crisis response. Proactive planning empowers coordinated and decisive action to mitigate impact before escalation. Whether proactive or reactive, our approach to crisis communications encompasses several steps and is tailored according to the nature and severity of the crisis:

Social listening – repeated deep-dives to track the evolving public response, sentiment analysis and identification of key themes to be addressed

Messaging framework – narratives prioritising transparency and empathy designed to stabilise and de-escalate

Media relations – regain a degree of control through direct and targeted engagement

Strategy – ongoing communication efforts to mitigate long-term effects through the demonstration of competency and commitment to change.

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