Public relations

CCGroup has a 30 year heritage of helping organisations influence B2B audiences. Working with a diverse range of technology companies across Mobile & Telecoms, Fintech, Cybersecurity, Enterprise Tech and Deep Tech CCGroup has a wealth of experience in delivering B2B marketing to raise awareness, demonstrate value, drive sales and position for exit.

Raising awareness

Raising awareness and building a company’s reputation is usually the basis of any communication strategy. Our market expertise and understanding means we have the relationships, knowledge and insight to build the profile of our clients.

We are renowned for providing media, technology analysts and other B2B influencers with compelling content that challenges industry perceptions and sheds new light on topical issues.

Through powerful market positioning, coverage in leading titles such as The Financial Times, The Telegraph and TechCrunch, and a host of award wins and analyst recognition, we have established many leading technology firms as global powerhouses.

Demonstrating value

Much of our work is about helping our clients to demonstrate value to their buying audience. For most this starts at the messaging stage where we competitively position an organisation by drawing attention to the company’s points of difference and market vision. These are established and evidenced using a range of PR tools designed to showcase how our clients can make a difference.

Enabling sales

Generating sales is the primary objective for the majority of our clients. As a critical outcome of any B2B PR programme, we take a strategic approach to sales enablement, from targeting to lead capture and nurture.

Positioning for exit

A number of clients have asked us to actively position them for acquisition. Positioning for exit requires a subtly different strategy to broader sales and awareness campaigns. Over the last decade, we have supported the exit of more than 20 clients.

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