Deep Tech PR

Companies working in deep tech fields deserve to be seen and heard, their stories told, and their enabling power recognised.

Deep Tech PR Expertise

The term Deep Tech – or emerging tech, future tech, disruptive tech or innovation – is used to describe the very cutting edge of technology development. On its own, Deep Tech isn’t a sector or market, but instead covers a wide base of technologies and sectors, from artificial intelligence to the internet of things, and from blockchain to cybersecurity. Each has their own market dynamic, their own technology specialism, and their own ecosystem of actors. But they all share one thing in common: to achieve commercial success, companies operating in these areas must communicate complex technical concepts and market impact.

We’re excited by innovative technologies and their application to solutions that make our world a better place. We believe that companies developing these technologies deserve to be seen and heard, their stories told, and their enabling power recognised.

Deep Tech PR Capabilities

Many of the technology areas that “deep tech” encapsulates are extremely noisy and highly competitive. They often ride significant hype cycles that make it hard to identify the difference between genuine invention and copycat, low-value development. The ability for a company to rise above this noise and make an impact is extremely hard, especially when many involved in this space are new market entrants and only just breaking into full commercial scale.

Thanks to our detailed market knowledge and experience across a wide range of technology sectors, we can translate complex technology concepts into language that conveys industrial and societal value. As they enter full commercial scale, we help clients identify and solidify positioning and develop messaging that allows them to establish leadership and build market momentum. We develop strategic communications campaigns to help these clients make a tangible impact in their markets and deliver commercial success. These campaigns can incorporate a wide variety of communications techniques, from analyst and media relations to stakeholder engagement, and from event marketing to social media campaigns.

Results for Deep Tech PR clients

Deep Tech companies come in all shapes and sizes, but we have a proven track record of helping some truly innovative and imaginative technology organisations achieve market success. These include wireless and video intellectual property developer InterDigital, working on 5G, 6G, AR/VR and 3D video standards; EXFO and Mobile Viewpoint who use artificial intelligence to enable new capabilities in telecoms network assurance and mobile video broadcast respectively; Netacea and AllClear ID whose solutions for cybersecurity are employed in bot detection & mitigation, and data protection in financial services respectively, and others like Synchronoss (IoT), Mistertango (crypto currency), and ImageRights (blockchain).

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