Brand creation & development

All successful tech businesses know that their brand is their most powerful commercial asset. Brand perception is more influential over final purchase decisions than any other factor. 

Our approach

Positioning, people, purpose, proof. These are the foundations that all successful businesses are built on. They communicate why any organization is uniquely placed to address the needs of their customers.  

We provide full brand strategy development; purpose, language, values, attitude, personality, visual identity, brand colours, fonts and imagery.  

These are brought together into a series of strategic deliverables: 

Brand playbook – a blueprint for an organisations brand story and communication strategy. Telling the world who you they are, what you stand for and what their value proposition is. 

Visual identity – the visual expression of a brand from logo, brand palette, fonts and key collateral. 

Brand guidelines – A document for how and why to use every component of a brands’ visual identity. 

Messaging framework – A central framework for the messages, principles and proof points that an organization uses to position its brand, people, products and services.