Internet of Things (IoT) PR

CCGroup’s heritage and direct experience of supporting companies in the telecommunications industry gives us a clear advantage in helping organisations capitalise on IoT PR.

Internet of Things (IoT) PR Expertise

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents one of the most exciting technological developments to emerge from advancements in connectivity, and technologies such as AI and blockchain are disrupting the status quo. Several years of promise and potential are now making way for exciting commercial use cases that span multiple vertical sectors, from transportation to manufacturing, from logistics to lifestyle, and from healthcare to industrial. IoT services are going mainstream, within smart cities, within factories and in the home.

CCGroup has a track record of helping clients across the IoT ecosystem achieve their business goals. We have worked with the likes of the Wireless Broadband Alliance, and the LA Department of Transport, putting it at the heart of the smart cities debate, especially when it comes to the role of unlicensed technology; and we have supported Chordant, an InterDigital business,  to raise awareness of the importance of standardisation to the future of IoT..  We have also worked with Synchronoss, a technology company that builds off-the-shelf IoT services that benefit TMT organisations.

IoT PR Capability

CCGroup’s heritage and direct experience of supporting companies in the mobile & telecoms industry, as well as across the technology and computing markets, gives us a clear advantage in helping organisations capitalise on IoT PR. With so much market attention on IoT, an organisation’s ability to present fresh thinking, innovative ideas and clear commercial traction is becoming increasingly difficult.

CCGroup’s client portfolio is made up of different organisations, each playing a different role within the IoT ecosystem. We help established telecoms vendors looking to diversify and claim new revenues from IoT, vendors creating the standards and the technology behind  future IoT applications, trade associations uniting vendors and service providers behind common approaches, and Government departments looking to improve the lives of citizens. CCGroup works hard to identify each organisations’ points of uniqueness and then proactively works to build awareness around the problems its technology and solutions typically solve.

Results for our IoT clients

As many of our IoT clients will attest, CCGroup creates and delivers IoT PR campaigns that generate results. We create market leaders and ensure all communications campaigns hit their stated objectives. These can include sales enablement, lead generation or achieving and sustaining thought leadership positioning and strong market visibility.

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