CCGroup’s team has been running and executing IT PR & Marketing campaigns for over 30 years.

Domain expertise

Our expertise ranges across a number of sectors including mobile and telecomsfintech, retail technology and business technology. Within business technology alone there are many sub-sectors – security, hardware, back-office services and more – areas that we know well.

This experience means we are perfectly placed to fully understand the different nuances of business and enterprise audiences. This also includes understanding how to reach the key decision makers and decision makers for each industry.  Whoever your campaign needs to influence, we’ve got it covered – CXOs, heads of IT or departmental heads from within any industry.

Specialist capabilities

Our experience in the B2B IT sector has enabled us to develop a wealth of knowledge about macro industry and micro technology issues. In order to be successful in this market, it is vital that we are able to effectively communicate with our clients’ stakeholders – both technically and concisely. Whether it be a journalist, analyst or another influencer, they are all experts in their field and respond more positively to knowledgeable PR representatives.

Over the years we have immersed ourselves in technology and we use this knowledge to build stand-out messaging for our clients, tightly focused on their target audience and their own business goals. We can then exploit our  experience and data-driven insight to develop interesting, insightful and multi-channel content that leads to strong thought leadership positioning.

Sector thought leadership

IT represents one of the biggest areas of investment that a business can make. This means that the decision making process is complicated, lengthy, highly scrutinised and involves a growing number of different parties.

Successful IT PR campaigns must be highly sophisticated, informative and innovative in order to grab a decision maker’s attention. PR campaigns demand content that is thought-provoking and moves industry debates forward. It is no longer acceptable to repeat the same tired messages and arguments from years ago.

At CCGroup we create IT PR campaigns that resonate with audiences, making them think and respond.

Delivering business success

From our research across a number of IT industry sectors we have found that in the world of B2B marketing, press coverage alone is not enough. Media engagements need to be supplemented with analyst relations, lead generation programmes, digital content, social media management and influencer targeting. All of this activity needs to be underpinned by expertise of the sector.

Up-to-date industry knowledge and the ability to capture an influencer’s attention and that of an IT decision maker will make the difference between a mediocre campaign and a successful one.

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