Web3 PR

CCgroup creates and delivers powerful Web3 marcomms programmes that deliver commercial success for our clients.

Web3 PR Expertise

As supporters of the ethos of Web3, we value partnering with companies that are pushing the evolution of the internet and its promise forward, and it is a shared goal of ours to educate the public via our communications and media relationships about the value of Web3. CCGroup is proud to work with disruptive Web3 brands that continue to help the industry evolve and support enterprises in establishing their own Web3 strategies.

Web3 PR Capabilities

Our experience and understanding of Web3 puts us in a privileged position when it comes to creating and delivering full-spectrum marcomms programmes. We have built credibility among the Web3, DeFi, blockchain and crypto communities that coupled with our expertise and insight-driven approach enables us to develop thought-provoking, standout campaigns, achieving our clients’ desired goals.

Results for Web3 clients

We create and deliver Web3 programmes that generate results. Through an integrated approach that includes digital marketing and analyst relations, we set clear objectives for all marketing communications campaigns, such as sales enablement, lead generation or achieving and sustaining thought leadership positioning and strong market visibility. Our measurement capabilities allow us to understand the effect on our clients’ business so that we can continuously evolve and enhance our campaigns.

Alexandra Santos

Head of Emerging Fintech

Alexandra Santos

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